The Holy Monastery of Agia Triada of Jagarolon

The Minster

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The main church of Agia Triada, inside the Monastery, belongs to the "three niche" architectural style, with a dome and chapel on the ground level and the upper level. The ground plan follows the typical "Agioritiko" tradition (Athos Monastic style), while the morphological elements can be linked to western architecture, as during this period there was a cultural closeness to the Orthodox people of Crete, which shows its impact even this sector of ecclesiastical architecture.

The domes of the church and the upper chapels were constructed after 1830, when Turkish officials granted permission for the completion of the church. From the original decorations only the icon screens from the ground floor chapels were saved, while the icon screen, icons and the general equipment of the church dates from around the middle of the 19th Century.

The gold-plated woodcut icon screen is an exceptional interest piece due to its pictorial construction which followed the Cretan traditions of its era, with evidence of Baroque influence.

Most of the icons on the icon screen can be credited to the known artist of the time, Mercurio from Santorini, who followed the style of the post-Byzantine technique.

Minster Plan & Tour

Minster Plan & Tour

1. Main entrance

2. Facade

3. "Zoodohou Pigis" Chapel

4. "Ag. Ioanni Theologou" Chapel

5. Small Cistern

6. Temple

7. Sanctuary

8. Main church

9. Main Sanctuary

10. External steps to upper floor

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