The Holy Monastery of Agia Triada of Jagarolon

During the harvest all the fruits are carefully and methodically harvested from the surrounding fields and are transported to the Monastery.

Production stage: All of our products are manufactured using traditional harvesting and pressing methods.
Quality Control stage: A specialized staff of chemists is responsible for scrupulous quality control on a daily basis, which is strictly regulated according to the EC specifications (EC regulation 2568/1991). A special team conducts careful checks and maintains all production equipment.
Standardization stage: The products are bottled and packaged in the Monastery's model factory which was constructed in 1997 and equipped with the most advanced standardization machinery.
Distribution stage: The Holy Monastery's products are dispatched quickly through a well-organized distribution network thereby ensuring the careful and safe arrival of the goods at their respective destinations.

Wine producers

Our new vineyard of linear type, with chestnut pales specially imported from "Agion Oros" (Athos peninsula)

The historical Monastery Agia Triada of Jagarolon, famous for its traditions and selected vineyards produces this renowned excellent wine of the Monastery.

With dedication centuries-old and modern technology, their monks offer a unique combination of grape varieties perfectly adapted to the micro-climate of the Akrotiri region of Chania.

creta nature

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